🇨🇦 Resource Road / 🇺🇸 MURS at ~153MHz; 48" / 122cm

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The classical Alamosa Antenna tuned to the frequencies of the US MURS radio band as well as Canadian Resource Road frequencies.

Canadian "Resource Road" radio frequencies are used to enhance safety and efficiency on remote roads frequented by natural resource industries like logging, mining, and oil & gas. They help coordinate vehicle traffic, facilitate communication between work teams, and enable quick responses in emergencies. This ultimately leads to safer travel conditions, improved work efficiency, and faster access to assistance in remote areas where cell reception might be limited.

This will also support LAD and Alberta frequencies.  

The US FCC "MURS" radio service, which stands for Multi-Use Radio Service, is designed for short-distance, two-way voice or data communications for personal and business activities. MURS operates on five dedicated frequencies in the VHF band and is a license-free service, meaning you don't need an individual license to operate a MURS radio. Typical uses include communication within neighborhoods, businesses, or recreational activities like camping and hiking, where cellular service may not be reliable.

Fed by RG58-C/U coax, with an FME connector for easy routing through bullbar mount holes, and vehicle firewalls or headliners.

This antenna has a moderately strong base spring and designed to be mounted on a sturdy mount such as a metal front bumper/bull bar, or roof rack.  Mounting through body panels would not be recommended, as the moment generated by wind or off-highway vehicle movement may bend and potentially yield body panels.