The ORIGINAL Ultimate Adventure Radio Antenna for The Americas.

Rugged, mobile radome antennas for your Off-Highway, Touring, and Overlanding radio and communication needs.  Designed for any-weather adventures; factory-tuned specifically for the radio bands of the Americas (GMRS/FRS, CB, 2m, 70cm, SAR). 


Rugged Radome Antennas

Questions? And Why?

Alamosa Antenna is a superior off-road antenna.  Most mobile antennas and their various mounts were designed for general mobile (pavement, over-the-road, highway) vehicles.  Alamosa's mobile antennas are designed specifically for off-road scenarios.  These kind of terrain rock your vehicle back and forth and to and fro ad naseum.  These rutted and corrugated roads leave your teeth chattering and your suspension begging to stop.  These weather conditions where Celsius and Fahrenheit are measured at the same scale number.

Radome design.  Radomes (or literally radio domes) are radio frequency transparent material that covers and protects the copper internal antenna from weather, salt, ice, and corrosion.  This ensures consistent performance.  Alamosa Antennas encase the radiating internal antenna in foam core fiberglass.

Sturdy mount and spring.  These antennas employ a large-diameter spring base with a hollow bolt and nut, inscribed in both is the coax run for the antenna.  This is somewhat different from a direct UHF- or NMO-mount.

Remains upright.  With the radome design, these antennas remain straight for optimal radio emissions.  The spring provides a measured level of lee to counter the cyclical moments/forces encountered in most off-highway scenarios (versus that moment being conveyed into the bending of radiating antenna itself).

Single Band.  Despite best efforts, these antennas are single band, meaning they can be tuned to resonate at a specific VHF or UHF band:  (e.g.) GMRS, or 2 meter Amatuer.  The suspended copper design does not work to produce acceptable VSWR for a dual-band use.

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