Wait List ::  GMRS Rugged Antenna; Shorter 36". (G465R2-WL)

Wait List :: GMRS Rugged Antenna; Shorter 36". (G465R2-WL)

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The very same base and radiator design as the 42"; slightly shorter at 36" tuned specifically for the Americas' GMRS/FRS radio bands.  The copper, internal 5/8-wave antenna is encased in a fiberglass radome weatherproof and fixed cover. 

Fed by RG58-A/U coax, with an FME connector for easy routing through bullbar mount holes, and vehicle firewalls or headliners.

This antenna has an exceptionally strong base spring and designed to be mounted on a sturdy mount such as a metal front bumper/bull bar.  Mounting through body panels would not (necessarily) be recommended, as the moment generated by vehicle movement may bend and potentially yield body panels.