The Ultimate Overland Shirt

The Ultimate Overland Shirt

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Overland Fashionista Says So

A good shirt really isn't a trivial thing, all joking aside.

It took me (Scott, Alamosa's owner) 29 years to finally find the right shirt.  No joke, almost 30 years years of "overlanding" and "off-roading" (whatever we used to call it) to find this.  In reality, just insane tons of hours behind the wheel, sitting, often uncomfortably; 1000s of hours, way too many without AC.

What this is:

  • Full, breathable mesh back that doesn't look like a football jersey.  Reality is we are driving and traversing most in the summer.  It's bloody hot; annoyingly hot out, even at altitude.  Your back can get sweaty and uncomfortable.  Those moments where you pray for deep winter temps.  This is greatly reduced with a mesh breathable full back.
  • Stretchable.  I ain't getting any younger and nor is my belly.  Tacos and camp margs don't seem to be helping this situation despite my insistence otherwise.  Nice to have a fitting shirt that doesn't stretch my own waist when sitting and driving.
  • A collar.  An underrated thing.  Though even my best Halloween attempts at 1980s popped collars never go as well I'm sure I pull it off, a collar is really quite important to keep the sun off one's red neck, lest one becomes more as much.   Additionally during international travel a collar is a universally proper and un-offending dress.    
  • Quick drying.  Sweat, jumping into the Green River at Bull Bottoms, washboard laundry, camp marg spills, or whatever other mixed dihydrogen monoxide problems you have.
  • Easy to clean.  If there is a smudge of molygrease, or diesel splash, you know damned well it will fall on your shirt just like your soft baby food when you were still in elementary school.  This shirt cleans like no other.  Smother that grease with some Palmolive or Goop, wash, and you're good-to-go.
  • Reflective top stitching to be seen at night spotting helping your mate winch up Bobby's Hole.  Or when you forget where to exit that river at night and your partner's flashlight/torch is the only thing to spot you.

No, we didn't make this.  Didn't even help with the development.  Stumbled upon it.  But I can't let this shirt find go without notice and availability to the Overland community.  To be clear we aren't making a single dollar on this merchandise.  Give this shirt a try.  LONG SLEEVE SOON.

Disclaimer.  This shirt needs a couple of initial washes, else it may be a bit stiff.  It softens and will become one of your favorite shirts.